Hi, thank you for visiting Rage My Closet. Your destination for all things luxury and chic with a vintage touch. This is my on-line look book and fashion blog.  Follow me when I travel, stay up to date on fashion trends, what I’m loving, and stay inspired with elegant daydreams.

I live in Northbrook, IL with my husband Tim. We married in June of 2015. No kiddos and no pets. (Although we have an obsession with bulldogs and plan to get 5 in the future!- Basher, Mo, Ernie, Thor, and Smush.)

I started this fashion blog to inspire others and myself. I am a creative at heart and absolutely love fashion (I know, all fashion bloggers do, but I really do.) I love timeless pieces that I can keep forever, jewelry I can give to my child one day, a coat you can’t find anywhere else, a clutch that gets stares from the entire restaurant, that’s me.

A little Q& A:  
What is your favorite quote or life motto?
I have so many quotes I like but a favorite is “Never forget that every physical thing, wether for you or against you, was a sustained thought before it was a thing.” Like, be careful of your thoughts, because they become things. This is also a very good thing.
How would you describe your overall style?
Vintage everything with a modern touch.
What's your go-to outfit when you're pressing for time?
Leggings and over-sized sweater. A lot of my closet looks like you’re going back in time, it’s all over the place with so many different looks and styles. Some of it is a bit extreme and I wouldn’t really go to a grocery store in it. So I actually always hang out or wear jeans/leggings with a sweater a lot of the time. Chicago is cold like 9 months out of the year!
What are your fashion and beauty indulgences?
I always have some concealer for my eyes and a bit of bronzer. For some reason I look like a completely different person when I add just a touch of color to my face. I don’t like being pale. Ha!  Fashion indulgence is definitely vintage dresses. I have so many dresses!
When did your love for vintage pieces begin?
I think I always loved vintage or just different eras. Especially romantic ones. I'm a dreamer and I'm pretty obsessed with the Victorian era. But I love all different kinds. There's really nothing like it today. ..In high school I would try on my mom’s old clothes from the 60’s and 70’s. She and my father immigrated from Warsaw, Poland before I was born so a lot of her clothes were from Europe and just amazing. It’s weird though my parents never bought used clothes or vintage items, my mom actually does not like it at all. So I’m not sure where this love comes from! I’m also so use to used clothes because most them were hand-me-downs from my older sister. I hardly ever went out to buy new clothes.  If I did it would be like twice a year. It's like recycling. I also empty my closet every few months and give a lot away. Even though I’m a fashion blogger, I actually don’t keep a lot of clothes in my closet, I like to rotate them, give a lot away, get new pieces, or sell them. So I guess you can say I have been wearing used clothing my entire life. 
You effortlessly incorporate vintage pieces into your look while still looking edgy, modern, and chic. What is the one tip you can give on how to beautifully mix and match vintage?
Well first of all, thank you!  I think just adding little touches of vintage with your outfit is great. For example there are so many vintage handbags that are so unique and stunning. So you can wear modern jeans and a sweet handbag, costume stud earrings, and some modern flats from Saks. Another trick is mixing extremely feminine pieces with super masculine ones. Looking chic and modern is actually very easy because it’s all about simplicity.  Start with the touches like accessories when you want to mix and match, then if you want to get more unique you can add some interesting blouses etc.  Just play around and see what feels good. Change it up.

Which designers/brands do you love the most right now?
Right now I’m really into Alberta Ferretti and Etro. 
What's your favorite shoe style?
I love flat mules! Or any flats for that matter. If I’m wearing heels they need be low. I’m also tall so I don’t want to always feel like the giant in the room.
What's your go-to pair of shoes?
To be honest, right now, my Nikes. I live in them, workout in them, shop in them, run out the door in them. Nike knows what they’re doing. Just do it, ha.
What inspires you and what are you passionate about?

People really inspire me. I’m passionate about hearing people’s story and how they end up where they are now. Of course I’m passionate about fashion and hearing stories of the people that wore these vintage clothes I’m always wearing!  But what really inspires me are ones that have dreams and make them a reality, going towards what they want, and not giving up.  Any girl boss story inspires me and keeps me motivated to do anything I want in life.  I’m also very interested in how the universe works and metaphysics if you want to call it that.
If you could have dinner with any three people in the world, who would they be?
I would love to have dinner with Jesus, Elvis, and Thomas Toward, my favorite writer, author, and speaker. Too bad all of these people have passed! 



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