Photography by Sonia Afonso

I loved shooting with Sonia Afonso in this velvet green dress!  I’m so excited for Christmas this year! For some reason I’m like 10 times more excited this time. Probably because Tim and I haven't had a Christmas tree in the 7 years we've been together and we finally went out and bought one.

I'm also throwing a holiday party and I've been on a hunt for the perfect dress. Of course it had to be vintage and I wanted a touch of classic holiday vibes. When I saw this one; a low back, buttons all the way down with a huge chiffon bow, I almost lost my mind. It's absolutely perfect.

Green velvet or red velvet are lovely for any holiday party.  I'll be posting my favorite vintage  choices for Christmas and NYE very soon.

Hope you're enjoying getting ready for the season as much as I am!