Well by now you know that  I'm usually at a vintage fair at least once a month, an estate sale almost every weekend, and I shop on-line to find my unique luxury finds. I've been posting my looks and you've been asking me "Where the heck should I shop if I'm in Chicago?!"  Well, I finally have my top 5 vintage boutiques/shops.

Chicago is no amateur when it comes to vintage. With each neighborhood offering its own style and vibe, I went on a quest to find one-of-a kind boutiques offering a full range of re-sale luxury finds. In the next few weeks I'll be sharing these gems in no particular order.  

The first boutique is the go-to spot for vintage bridal wear as well as fashion & accessories from the 1890s to the 1980s. I got a chance to visit the gorgeous space in the heart of Bucktown and it made me want to get married all over again!  The owners Liz and Andy are a husband and wife team who really know how to modernize any vintage gown, have their own collection of luxurious wraps and separates, and hand pick formal wear, cocktail dresses, and more from across the globe.  

Did I mention Liz is Paul McCartney's wardrobe artist?  I’m so excited to be sharing this interview with these two.  Here they  talk about  their story, their inspiration, and how they run Silver Moon. Without further adieu…

Silver Moon Chicago
 1721 W. North Ave
Chicago, 60622 (at North and Paulina)

Owners Liz and Andy

How did Silver Moon come about? Give us a little background story. Tell us how you both met and how this got started.

Silver Moon was founded by Tari Costan in 1976. I was a long time customer of the shop and when Tari was looking to sell her beloved business she approached me and I couldn’t pass on the opportunity. It was important to me to keep the name of this Chicago jewel. It was such a loss when Tari passed last year, a true style visionary but I made a promise to keep the moon lamp glowing. I have always been interested in fashion and design thanks my Mom and have been a vintage collector since I was a young girl. Andy and I met while touring with Aerosmith. Andy was working Audio and I was styling Steven and it was love at first site….I met my stylish partner in crime. Andy came on board at Silver Moon this year with the launch of Circa and the restructuring of the shop. 

How has Silver Moon evolved since then here in Chicago? 

When I first took over Silver Moon we were located in the original storefront on Halsted in Boystown selling men’s and women’s vintage and antique housewares.  I decided to move the location to Wicker Park two years later and focus on stocking the shop with mainly vintage womenswear and featuring hard to find labels at the time like Vivienne Westwood. It was the idea of mixing new and vintage into your wardrobe. At that time we didn’t really showcase Bridal. Andy and I were married on April 19, 2008 and that is when my love affair with Bridal began. I designed and constructed my gown inspired by vintage patterning and incorporating an amazing piece of vintage beading into my gown. From that moment on I knew bridal was the direction I was headed. Silver Moon filled this need for brides looking for something unique, that at the time was very hard to find. We kept expanding our Bridal products and services and now are so excited for the launch of our label Circa. 

What has been the process of finding your gorgeous gowns and pieces/ accessories? Has it changed throughout the years?

I am fortunate to travel with the entertainment industry work I do allowing me to source from across the globe. We’ve been in business for awhile so we get daily inquires with families looking to sell pieces. I’m always on the hunt for amazing vintage wedding gowns and occasion dresses. We mainly stock dresses now and I have become more selective with what we showcase. I think over the years my taste and vision has become more refined...fine tuned. 

Liz, I know you are Paul McCartney’s wardrobe artist. Which is absolutely AMAZING. How do you find time to run your store and be his stylist at the same time? 

After I was married I actually retired from the entertainment industry but the opportunity presented itself to work with Paul for a summer tour. I agreed to a be a 3 month gig…its now going on 8 years. He is amazing to work with and continues to inspire me and make me better at my craft everyday. When talking about the work I do with Paul I like to use the word Wardrobe Artist. I think stylist means something different today. Paul defines his own style…but we work together designing new ideas. The nice thing about his touring schedule is that we are never gone longer then a couple of weeks allowing me to still do both. I really couldn’t do it without my right hand gal Coleen. She is one of the most talented and dedicated girls I have ever had on my team. Andy is also key in the operations and manufacturing of Circa, keeping everything on track while I’m away. 

 I know that you specialize in vintage wedding gowns, but you just recently came out with a collection of vintage inspired wraps and separates, the Circa Collection. Can you tell us a little more about that and what inspired you to make it?  

I had been looking to expand the design side of the business and was listening to brides struggle with finding wraps and separates for there wedding. I wanted to fill this need so Circa was born. I always look to vintage detailing and pattering when designing and was inspired by the stylish women in mine and Andy’s life. Andy and I also felt very strongly about creating pieces of great quality and versatility so brides could wear our pieces after their big day. Its nice to relive the feeling of your wedding day, putting a garment back on but maybe with a pair of jeans…that sort of thing. We are really proud of the debut F/W2017 season and have gotten a great response. BHLDN also currently carries the Elly cape and we are in the works of creating exclusive Circa designs for them.

What's your biggest seller? 

Our biggest seller is the Elly cape, offered it in ivory and grey. Capes are very on trend at the moment. Getting back to the versatility, I think that’s what is appealing about this piece and works well with contemporary wedding dress design. 

What do you think the next 5 to 10 years will look like for Silver Moon?

Andy and I are so excited for the future of the company…we are currently creating a new website, already designing new items for Circa Fall 2018, expanding our one of a kind Bridal, The One and Only collection…. Our signature designs and process created by re purposing vintage textiles into contemporary silhouettes. These gowns have  become synonymous and highly sought after over the past decade. It’s so important in business and design to constantly evolve continuing to offer clients exciting new ideas. Stay tuned…

Silver Moon Chicago
 1721 W. North Ave
Chicago, 60622 (at North and Paulina)