Dane Vintage is a hidden gem that you have got to know about. I met the owner Danette through a good friend. She told me I would absolutely love this vintage shop and that I had to visit.  You would think that most shops are in the heart of the city,  never leaving Bucktown or Wicker Park. However, this place has the most gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces I have ever seen.  Not to mention the space makes you want to throw shopping parties, photo shoots, or just sip champagne and try on the clothes all day.

I got a chance to ask the very stylish, down-to- earth,  humble, ( I could say more)  Danette some questions.  This place is obviously in my top 5 vintage boutiques.

Owner of Dane Vintage, Danette Lince

You call yourself a Modern Vintagist which I LOVE. I kind of see myself as somewhat of a modern vintagist as well.  Have you always loved vintage? How did Dane Vintage start?

I always loved fashion! Growing up in the 70’s in rural North Dakota (clearing throat. 😉)  we didn't have access to trendy or unique garments. Fortunately my Mother met Mary Streifel. Mary had the dreamiest tiny little shop, Streifel's, in the closest city to our town. Mary traveled the US buying what she hoped her clients would love. She would stock this dark cramped closet hidden under a staircase in her shop and then call Mom. Each visit was like Christmas to me. I can still remember walking into the shop as if it were yesterday - the smell, the warmth, lighting, the bling, and the mystery of what was in the closet. Some of my favorite pieces don't seem like much today however back then they were truly one-of-a-kind, hard-to-find, custom made pieces. And I was the only one who had it (no worrying about wearing the same thing). Overalls with rhinestones and ruffles, fur embellished sweatshirt and miniskirt, fancy spring dresses with bells sewn into the underside... I think it was then that Dane Vintage started...

How would you describe your average customer? 

adventurous. willing. fun. serious. fashionista. 

 Do you wear vintage everyday? What does your day to day outfit look like? 

I don't actually, I'm a very casual dresser - either a t-shirt dress or jeans and a t-shirt. My general rule of thumb is 'if I can mow in it, I'll wear it'. That doesn't mean I don't have any vintage garments. Most of my vintage pieces are extra special; Halston, Beene, Trigere - these are some of my fav's - and I wear them for weddings and/or funerals. I feel there is a great sense of respect when selecting something special to wear in celebrating life, no matter the reason.  

Do you think shoppers are being ever more bold, or do you think  vintage wear something most people need to be eased into? 

That's a great question. I believe vintage is here to stay. Not because it is vintage, but because it is good fashion, it's exquisitely constructed (by today's standards) and it's sustainable. There is not much fashion today that is truly a new idea. Trends cycle and with that vintage can come and go and be as modern as the dress you purchased yesterday. 

What are some of your go-to sources for inspiration/running your shop?  

My clients. I try to envision each of them in a styled shoot... and how they would wear a garment. The shapes, eras and styles of vintage garments I purchase today are much different than when I began selling vintage clothing. My clients are bold and want truly one-of-a-kind pieces so that's my goal... and my inspiration. 

What’s your favorite piece that you’ve ever come across? 

My Pauline Trigere 1960s wool dress and fur trimmed jacket! I saw it across the room and I HAD TO HAVE IT... my heart was pounding out of my chest. Now ask me if I have ever worn it. No. 

(Amelia wearing stunning dress from Dane Vintage for Rouse the show)

 Amelia, on the right wearing dress from Dane Vintage. Sparkle sparkle!

You have such a  gorgeous loft  space. Should people make appointments to come shop there or do you prefer customers to shop online or both? Tell us how your space works and all the avenues we have to  shop Dane Vintage! 

Tis the season for shopping! We are always open online however the best way to shop our full collection is in person at Dane Vintage. Our Holiday hours are: Tuesday and Wednesday 11 – 3, Thursday 12 – 3, Friday, Happy Hour 5 – 9, Saturday by chance/appointment. Can’t make it during our open hours, email danevintage@hotmail.com to schedule an appointment. We also offer private shopping parties, available for purchase online (parties are half price if booked before Dec 5th). The SPACE at dane vintage is also available for pop-ups, birthday parties, meetings, photoshoots and just about anything you want to do in a creative space. Please see danevintage.com for more details.

What advice would you give for someone whose interested in vintage fashion and wants to start collecting? 

Collecting vintage fashion is an organic experience, it can't be forced. But warning, it's highly addictive. When you find a garment you can't live without, define what it is about that piece - is it the construction? the print? the design/shape? the fit? Once you know what it is that you really love about a piece you can begin searching for similar pieces. I go weak in the knees for 1960s wool knit designer dresses - the construction is comparable to today's couture. And I know which designers consistently produced those dresses so when I find one I already know it is going to be a perfect fit. 

Dane Vintage
6804 Hobson Valley Dr #113, Woodridge, IL 60517