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If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my recent visit to Tulum, Mexico.  Tim and I were actually suppose to go to Poland this summer but things fell through and we decided to do a 3 hour flight to Tulum for  8 nights instead.  I was hearing so many wonderful things about it that I had to see it for myself. Let me tell you, as we drove in from Cancun we kept looking at each other like "is this for real?"  I kept telling Tim that it's seriously a blogger's paradise because everything looks so rustic but at the same time perfect. Like walking into an anthropologie outside. Colorful, picturesque, beachy, artsy, vintagey (none of these are words) But just so "bloggy" (another made up word) if you know what I mean. Like think pinterest vacation for couples. I can go on. I can't really explain it. But I'll try. I'm sure there are many other places that I could be in awe of, but there was definitely something special about this place!
 How to get there: We flew into Cancun from Chicago, IL, with United Airlines. I recommend renting a car or taking a shuttle bus. Since we were staying about a 20 minute drive from the beach in the "jungle" we opted to rent a car so we can drive wherever, whenever. Especially at night after going to dinners.  I absolutely recommend using EasyWay Car Rental in Cancun.  It was seriously the fastest rental; getting the car and returning it.  If you're staying at a hotel on the beach I would just recommend taking a shuttle because the best part of Tulum is renting their bikes to go to and from all the shops and for exploring. I really loved watching people riding their cute bikes with baskets along the streets of Tulum. You will definitely want to rent one because the beach is so long and there are so many restaurants and shops to see!
Where we stayed: La Casa Milagros (House of Miracles, love it!). I've done the beach hotel thing plenty of times. I've also been to Mexico plenty of times, so I really wanted a different experience.  We definitely got it.  It's hard for me to explain it but it was just AMAZING. If you are going for the more rustic green off-the-grid vibe, I highly recommend staying here. It was $79 a night and something you will never forget.  
Where to eat: Oh where to begin? I was pleasantly surprised to see how healthy, fresh, and organic everything was.  Tim and I are really into juicing and expressos. We found our favorite espresso spot every morning at Ki'bok Coffee, they also have really delicious huevos rancheros for breakfast or even lunch (many more on their menu) .  For lunch or quick snacks and green juices we went to El Vegetariano. If you're a vegetarian this place and Tulum in general is the place to eat for all of you!  Just look up Tulum vegetarian restaurants, they are endless.  For the best fish tacos in the world go to Mateo's Mexican Grill, they even had a sign that said "Best fish tacos in the world" and I'm not kidding, they were right. We went there 3 times to get more of them tacos! Lastly, we really enjoyed dinners at The Real Coconut, the food was spectacular. After dinner, have one of their ridiculously healthy and delicious drinks outside on their deck couches to relax and star gaze. The lanterns and mood there is extremely gorgeous. 
What to do: Cenotes were my favorite thing to do by far. It was magical going underwater and swimming with the turtles. My favorite cenotes were actually a little further away from Tulum by the Mayan Ruins in Coba. We drove about 20 minutes away from Tulum to go to Cenotes Tamach-Ha, Choo-Ha, and Multum-Ha. These are three beautiful underground cenotes. The best was the Multum-Ha because you could jump off docks into the water at two different heights.  A little rush in a cenote was kinda fun. Also these are very close to those ruins so afterwards you can visit them!

If you aren't staying on a beach hotel and want to go to the beach, I recommend going to La Zebra's beach. It's a private hotel but they do let others use their beach if you are planning on eating and drinking while using their beach beds.  It was our favorite ocean view and it also has an awesome spa. The massages are wonderful!

Meditate or take yoga classes at Yaan Wellness. They have a daily schedule you can pick up and it's $20 a class. This was also one of my favorite places to experience. The gorgeous huts above ground with the breeze coming in as you meditate was unreal.  

 Other things to do; shop, dine, tan, snorkel, and just RELAX.