This dress is one of my favorite vintage purchases. The minute I saw it I had to have it! That's usually how I feel about most of the pieces I buy, but this one, I mean look at it, it's so fun!  You can't find something like this at a boutique anymore (maybe some) but this is why I love vintage so much.

I really love wearing things that make me feel absolutely amazing, (who doesn't) and this dress is one of them. If you see something you like and feel good in it and doubt yourself because it's just a tad weird, who cares, freakin wear it.  When I pulled this dress out to show some friends that it was my ensemble for the night they were in shock, until I put it on. Ha! It's your aura, confidence, how you feel in something, that gives the outfit its original look, it's not the dress or outfit itself.  I could tell when someone is wearing something to look cool or unique because the outfit is different or out there. However, it doesn't help them or make them more unique! You have to love it and feel good in it. Or as some people say, own it.

I'll be visiting another fair this week and I can't wait to see what it has in store for me. If you're not already following me on Instagram (ragemycloset) and Snap Chat (ameliajmiller), please do! I usually post my finds in real time on insta stories and snaps.

I love mixing old vintage pieces with modern accessories, or the other way around, modern clothing with vintage accessories.  I've already worn and talked about this belt bag but I can't get enough of it, it goes with literally every single one of my outfits daily and it's beyond convenient because I don't have to hold a purse! Check it out,  on sale, visit Sararose On Oak.   I'm probably going to make it a thing this summer and purchase many more styles, especially for when I travel.

Until my next look, have an amazing week!!


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