This is one of my favorite dresses at the moment! Though as you may already know, I am rather fond of dresses in general, the one I’m wearing in today’s post is just on another level for me. Something about the combination of light-as-air chiffon, feminine silhouette and the see-through lace just comes together to create one romantic perfection of a dress.  

I chose to pair it with simple black heels and a black shoulder purse. I also appreciate the way it looks with flats when I go for a slightly more casual feel. Basically, there is literally no wrong way of wearing this dress.  

I accessorized with Paul Miller's gorgeous cubic zirconia ring (stunning) and handmade sterling silver Meeka 888 necklace. It's my new spirit/energy necklace. I went from 333, 555, 777, and now I'm on 888. We shall see how long this one lasts and makes me feel in the coming months. I have a lot ahead of me so I wear it everyday. It's simple and delicate so it goes with absolutely everything.

Until my next look, you can shop some of my favorite lux and casual lace dresses from one of my favorite shops, REVOLVE,  below.