It's not that I love used clothing. I actually really don't. You won't find me at goodwill or thrift stores. You'll usually find me at a vintage or antique fair or shop. Even though they probably purchased their items at a thrift store ha!

The grade of vintage clothing is just unmatched to that of modern day clothes, with the exception of the best high-end designers. Luxury details like French seams, hems that are generous, and beautifully crafted buttons were on even the simplest of garments. Today, the dresses that cost countless of dollars, if you look closer on the inside of the garments, it shows that they were built with heightened attention to saving the manufacturing company cash. Today clothing is more affordable to make, but not economical to own, so the only way you can really wear classic luxurious clothing that's authentic is by buying high-end vintage clothes at a less-than luxury price (think Chanel). They are artfully crafted and there just isn't anything as flattering. All that additional material on the interior of vintage clothing is just amazing and easy to tailor to make your own.

Another huge reason I love it, ummm the uniqueness!!!  When you invest in vintage clothing you can be sure that you will never walk into a room  to find another person wearing the same thing. Vintage pieces are entirely unique and full of fine details that cannot be accurately reproduced; the prints, the embroidery, the buttons.. there's just nothing like them. Every style is just magical.  I can go from the 80's with an over-sized blazer with shoulder pads and crazy embroidered sparkle to a simple chic 1990s Oscar de la Renta pant suit. The quality will be better than any other dress at Barney's and I pay half the price. I'm not saying that all the stuff out there is garbage now and I still buy my luxury staple pieces, shoes for example I won't buy vintage, but they have to be high quality. Of course I still shop at the local mall and boutiques. But with the way that I love to switch out my outfits and change my look all the time, I like to keep it 50/50.   

Lastly, the clothing is more than just used clothes, it has a history. It is more than new unworn clothes. It's a story and art of those who have come before us. Owning and wearing vintage clothing is a way of keeping those people and those histories and that artistry alive. At the end of the day, to wear vintage clothing is to be wrapped in romance, art, beauty, an era, a mood.  Vintage clothing is simply satisfying to wear. It just is. I love it and always will. Not just clothes; the hand bags, the hats, oh gosh don't get me started on the hats!

I'll be meeting and introducing some really cool vintage shop owners in Chicago so stay tuned.  They will have much more to say on why vintage is important and clearly the best.

Until next time, xo!