Ok so this post is wayyy over due..

I thought I’d share some glimpses of my travels from our honeymoon in Marrakesh Morocco. Visiting a place like Morocco, so different from our western culture, truly leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime. Not to mention the beautiful styling it has impressed on my subconscious mind; from textiles, to pottery, to kaftans, and ultimately the creation of my meditation line Meeka Meditation. Talk about being inspired!

Here are a few of my favorite places:
-Bahia Palace is definitely gorgeous and worth seeing.
-Enjoy a hammam bath or spa treatment at a 600+ year old spa called Bains de Marrakech. Just make sure you go at the day’s end and then after, spend some time lounging in your hotel room. Don’t go to Bains de Marrakech and expect to shop and tour the city after wards! You will be very rested, relaxed and well-oiled so you will most likely want to go chill out in your room. Make sure you book your appointment weeks in advance.
Shop: The souks! Absolutely amazing. Tim and I were a little bit scared at first, there were a lot of men grabbing my arm to come into their little shops. I ended up following one of them in where he was selling many different perfumes and oils, he told me to sit down, while his assistant pulled my hair back and started rubbing my neck with these amazing oils. I ended up buying a ton that I didn't really need, and Tim was pretending to be a Spaniard that didn't speak English to try and ward off more talking/selling.  I have no idea how we got there! But afterwards I guess I could say I did feel good. Every time we went into the souks we would explore but not look too deep into each seller's space because if you looked like you were even slightly interested you would be expected to stay and purchase. So it's definitely not a place to go and browse.  You need to go and know what you want and be serious about buying, otherwise browsing will just turn into selling you on something you don't need at all!  All I needed was my Kaftans and two dresses. One of the blue dresses I wore at our hotel is below. It's just relaxing and free flow, like me :-) I'll also be keeping it forever as a memory.
(sorry for blurry pic, I didn't have my amazing Nikon then) (Iphone only hehe)


We also had a wonderful excursion into the Atlas Mountains where we got a glimpse of Richard Branson's gorgeous Kasbah Tamadot, a magical retreat. This 28 bedroom hotel is perched at the top of a valley with views up to Mount Toubkal and over to some of the traditional Berber villages that dot around the region.  We would have loved to stay there, but are planning to do this on our 5 year wedding anniversary. I can't wait! Instead we just passed through, had a glimpse and went on to a small village in the mountains where so many of the locals where catering to their animals, chicken homes, and carrying hay on their backs. Even older women, carrying tons of these hay stacks on top of them, it really humbled me to see this. That this was their everyday life in these mountains over looking this unbelievable spectacular view every single day, so close to the beauty of nature that I hardly ever get to see and working so hard. I would not be able to walk a day in these women's shoes even if I tried. These people live a completely different life. An alternate reality if you will. Everyday they wake up to a completely different schedule, food, outlook, perspective, and walk of life. It just boggles my mind every time I think about it.  

Anyway! One of the families welcomed us into their home for some amazing food and mint tea (mint tea is huge in Morocco!) She taught us how she made it and we all sat around in a group sipping our tea and chatting. This was truly one of my favorite days of our honey moon. 

I would have taken so many more pictures but I was doing my best to stay off my phone and take it all in! On our next trip to Morocco I'll definitely have some more, but you'll have to wait 5 years to see it ha!  It's ok I'll be posting my top favorite hotels in some major cities soon!  Stay tuned...