This gorgeous and vibrant shoot was done by the very talented Sonia from SONIAAFONSOSTUDIO 

Always a pleasure working with such a visionary. I didn't know what I was getting into, all I knew is that I love Kimonos and I haven't been to the Chicago Botanic Gardens since I was 12. I was beyond excited when Sonia showed me her stunning vintage Kimonos bought second hand in Japan herself. These are the kind you really can't find anywhere else in the world. People were stopping us to take a closer look at the magnificence and detail of it all. The Japanese culture is just beautiful. I must visit it one day.

Being at the gardens, I actually felt a sense of calm and air, maybe a perspective that I haven't felt in a very long time.  It was the feeling you get when there's no electronics near you I think.  I felt that basic natural energy coming from the trees, the smell of the flowers, I felt like I haven't sensed that in YEARS.  I think it's because the Botanic Gardens is just filled with greens and energy that I just haven't felt in months, it brought me back to my childhood and teen years. How many times can I mention it?  It felt VERY GOOD.  I felt like all of a sudden running away and moving to Costa Rica or somewhere closer to nature so that I can get a chance to feel that way everyday. I guess I'll just have to go to the gardens all summer instead.

I had such a nice time shooting and will be doing some more there soon.  I hope you enjoy these lovely photos of me welcoming you into my beautiful Japanese Garden home, right? Well lets just pretend shall we....

Until my next look ...xo