This weekend in March was rainy and cold on Saturday and then rainy and warm on Sunday. I never know what to wear so I usually count on Tim to tell me the weather before getting dressed each morning. I literally call him my personal weather man.  If he isn't home or went to work already, I text him and ask.  I could just as easily go on my phone and look it up, but for some reason I still do it. He gives me accurate details; how it's going to be in the morning, how it's going to change mid-day, and if it will stay that way or change again.  Sometimes he even goes into the whole 7 to 10  day forecast, but I usually stop him there, ha!

Anyway! The point is, I had a baby shower to go to! My friend Katie is due in May, she's so sweet. We already knew that out of all of our girlfriends that she would be the first.  She's a principal at a school, adores children, and I know she's going to be such an amazing mom. Along with her husband Todd. They're having a baby girl and are naming her Vera. Isn't that just so beautiful and classy? Sorry but I love it.  Todd said little Vera is going to be daddy's little girl. (So freakin cute, both of them, ALL OF EM!) jk...losin it..

I can't wait to meet Vera and I'm really looking forward to see how the dynamics of our friendship plays out. Not just with Katie but with all of us one day, when we all have little ones running around.  I'm hoping it will be more fun.  I'm sure it will be very different, but a good different. Just like a new chapter that's all.

So back to Tim telling me the weather before Katie's baby shower. It was supposedly rainy and cold. I bought this gorgeous dress from H&M which I thought was absolutely perfect for her shower.  It has a design on it, but it's somewhat subtle and even though it can seem busy, it actually isn't. It felt elegant and comfortable.  My absolute favorite part of this dress is the lower v back that comes down just enough. Just enough sexy but not too much where I didn't have to feel weird in front of Katie's entire family.  I was going to wear open toe heels since I'm still trying to pretend that spring is really coming! But I created a way to still wear that springy vibe with the chilly Chicago cold, I opted for my simple black booties. Always works!

Then of course, we get to the restaurant, I step outside and its super warm out. I could have worn those open toe shoes. But I'm glad I didn't because at the end of the shower we ended up taking these photos and it worked out really well.  This is actually one of my favorite outfits to date.  We took a stroll down Glencoe beach, and ended up at the little coffee shop on Vernon for some lattes to finish our lovely day and weekend.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and stayed warm, or cool? Orrr I don't know lets ask Tim...


The gorgeous lapis lazuli stone ring I'm wearing with a sterling silver band is hand-made by my father Paul Miller. He creates stunning statement pieces and is truly a master jeweler. He's pretty humble about it so you have to hear it from me. :)

 Follow him here, and check out his work here. Need the artist to repair your jewels, create something outrageous? email me

The dress is from H&M and I looked all over for it, it's no longer available, on-line at least. You could try going to your local store and check to see. Since I only purchased it a few days ago.

Below are some spring finds to wear to a baby shower or any family occasion. With booties or without. Go barefoot if thats how you roll. But these dresses are definitely some of my favorite finds.

Until my next post, have an amazing week!!