Visiting Panama was such a huge release and beautiful vacation. Timothy and I really needed a break from our daily routine. We had the perfect trip and we are definitely planning another getaway soon.

I go to Corepower yoga every other day so I didn't know how I would get in my fitness/yoga routine while being out of town. Good thing our resort had a calendar full of events, including yoga with Melissa Jill.  She had such a relaxing voice and the breeze at our 8am yoga session with ocean front views was nothing short of magical.  Afterwards Melissa and I chatted and she mentioned that she just left Bali and was staying at our resort to teach yoga for the rest of the week. She also stated that she left her full time job to follow her dreams! I immediately knew I had to ask her some more questions. I admire and want to know anything and everything about how others are achieving their own dreams and what advice they can give!

1. Melissa, the first thing you said to me after you lead a rejuvenating yoga session in Panama was that you left your full time job to follow your dream. I must say that I got chills when you said that. What did it feel like when you first quit your job? What was the process you went through emotionally? 

Hi Amelia! First of all I want to tell you what a pleasure it was meeting you and having you and your beautiful energy each morning at yoga while in Panama, and thank you for the honor of being highlighted in your blog!

This is a really great question... Teaching yoga has been my passion for many years as I use it as a tool to help people to get in touch with their inner peace, power and love! I always dreamt of leading retreats around the world and sharing yoga and meditation online so people can access this gift anytime anywhere! 

In June of 2015, I had some changes happening at my job. I feared that life as I knew it would be over and this would not be acceptable for me, my inner peace or overall well being. This was when I had the thought that I could use money that I was left by my mom when she passed away to supplement my income while I build my business.  I remember the day I first thought of this...  I took a walk in the forest meditating and contemplating this very scary and exciting possibility. I remember thinking that the path was so beautiful, and a scripture came to my mind "Trust in the Lord with all your heart... And He will make straight your path ". 

After thinking this, I seemingly coincidentally found myself LOST in the woods! After walking for a while, I eventually found my way back. I felt God spoke to me that day and said to me "You will feel like you are lost, but trust Me, and I will guide you. " I got chills knowing that this was His blessing and that I would be in His Hands. I have remembered this moment many times over the last year when I wondered how I will make it! I am going on Faith in God, and Belief in me, my dreams and the gifts I have to offer! Emotionally, it was a transition.. Once I began working on my own from home, I felt so free that was amazing, but it took me some time to figure out what I actually should do! Each day my path gets clearer and each day, although I do get afraid, I walk right through that fear daily, my dreams are becoming more of a reality! I'm truly learning as I go.. Sometimes I don't know how I'll make it, but I do know WHY!! This, my WHY, is what propels me forward!

2. What does manifesting your dreams mean to you?  

Manifesting my dreams... To me, this means, listening to my heart, knowing my passion and being guided by what I believe to be my purpose, then following through with persistent daily action, persevering through fear and obstacles, having faith without attachment to the outcome, that I am being guided in the right direction to fulfill my calling, and ultimately my dreams are coming true!

3. How would you advise women out there who hate their job but are too scared to leave?

Ladies, it's so important to honor yourself, your heart and your dreams... If you don't take care of you, no one else will! I know it can seem impossible when there are responsibilities and bills to pay, but truly.. If there is a will, there is a way!! Begin by spending time alone in quiet meditation and nature. Take time to listen to your inner voice. Your soul knows exactly what you need. You must take the time to listen. Then begin, one step at a time, moving toward your goal. If you are unhappy, your ability to share your gifts will be diminished. Your happiness is so important, not only for YOU, but for everyone else too! There is a saying from Lao Tzu that I love... 

"If you want to awaken all of humanity then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative within yourself. Truly the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation."

I believe this whole heartedly to be true! What we become is what we contribute to the world. Taking care of ourselves and honoring our souls, is not only what's best for us, it's what is best for our world! Therefore, I believe it is our duty to follow out hearts and our dreams!

4. You just launched your business and the site looks amazing! What exactly does your business provide? What was your intention when you started it?  How can we get started today?! 

Thank you so much for your endorsement Amelia! I have been teaching yoga for about 20 years now and I have found yoga and meditation to be the ultimate tools to help guide people through their own emotional healing and to finding their inner peace, power and love! We all have so much to offer and often we are blocked up by a bunch of "stuff" that just needs to be released. Life is sometimes hard. We hold pain and trauma in our bodies and our minds. As we practice yoga and meditation, we release this. It's an inner cleansing of the soul. I infuse this life coaching throughout my teaching and it's very effective.

 People have cried to me and thanked me for helping them to heal, and to find their peace, power and love! Another way to find peace is to get away, and also to spend time in nature. We all need this in our lives, but we don't always have the time and resources to nourish ourselves as we need. I have developed "Alive With Melissa Online" as a way of bringing beautiful nature, gentle themed yoga and guided meditation to everyone, everywhere! 

I have created a library of videos, both yoga and meditation, with many options to fit each person's individual needs. There are yoga practices ranging in all different times from 8- 60 minutes, meditation ranging from 4-12 minutes. The time is depicted in each title so people can choose a video based on the amount of time they may have on any given day. Each yoga and meditation has its own theme with powerful intentions to evoke the most positive thoughts, emotions and ultimately life! I have created and will continue to create these videos from beautiful exotic places in nature around the world.

 I also have one in my pajamas called Bedtime Bliss so people can take just 20 minutes for a gentle restorative practice to relax and unwind before bed for a most blissful sleep. The yoga classes are offered for all levels. If you can sit on the floor, you can do the restorative classes! I also have some more powerful classes for those looking for something vigorous. There really is something for everyone... It can be for the person who works out hard and just doesn't have the "time" for yoga, mediation or self pampering, as well as it is for the person who doesn't have time, resources, confidence or the fitness level to take classes. It's also a great supplement to add to the the routines that one may already have. 

Anyone can join my membership site at:

The promotional price I am offering is just $9.96 per month. I really want to make this accessible for everyone because I truly believe this is something we ALL need! There is no contract to sign, it's simply month to month. 

I offer speaking engagements, workshops and retreats as well. My offerings can also be found on my website:

I'd would be so happy to consult with anyone who would like a little guidance or who may have any questions at all! 

I can reached by phone:

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Thank you so much Melissa!