This is one of my favorite dresses. It's so comfortable and reminds me of a gigantic lotus that is expanding. And guess what? It was a whopping $15.00 bucks. You can purchase this look and all of my favorite looks straight from my blog now by clicking on the "SHOP MY LOOKS" tab. 

You can purchase straight from my site. It's awesome!  Check it out by clicking here

The new year has started out to be a little hectic and crazy with my nanny business so I haven't had too much time to post this past 2 weeks! I'm super grateful though so I am not complaining!

I've had this blog now for about 6 months and I enjoy every second of it! Thank you to everyone who started following me in 2015, my subscribers, and all my followers on instagram (where it all started!) 

2015 had to be the biggest highlight of my life since I got married to my sweety Timothy Scherrer! But I know that 2016 is going to be even more fun and exciting. I have so much on my to-do list. Including changing my last name to Scherrer. (Amelia Miller Scherrer) need to get on that! Changing it on facebook counts right?  I also want to try a boot camp and  get a bit more toned, and I intend on expanding my Meeka Meditation line even more. ( a lot more on that list but I won't bore you!) 

I'll keep posting and chronicling my looks every week. Thank you so much for keeping up with my story. 

Happy 2016!!

Amelia Miller Scherrer ;-)