I'm all about the grey and burgundy this fall. Sleeveless turtle neck sweaters with a light shirt underneath is so comfy! My meeka energy jewelry line makes the perfect statement. Grey low heel shoes and a hat- set. If I'm going to be honest, I would seriously wear flats, but the heels make any casual outfit look so much more feminine. So if you're going to the library you can still wear this and wear flats, then switch the shoes if you're going out to brunch.

Fall is probably a lot of people's favorite time of year. I never actually had a favorite time of year, I always feel like every season goes by so fast and it's all a blur. HA!!! But seriously, I guess if you ask me my favorite TIMES are when I start to smell fall in the air, before I get so used to it and take it for granted. Same with winter, summer, spring... I don't think Chicago even has a spring, we go straight from freezing to hot. Anyway, my style is always based on what is most comfortable to wear. Lose jeans, the ones I'm wearing are J Brand, you can get them at any Nordstrom, or Macys' or their site http://www.jbrandjeans.com/. Turtle neck is by Cotton Emporpium.

The book in my hands? That is A Course in Miracles-#AMAZING

More fall looks coming this week.