J Brand Jeans-#NordstromRack
Burgandy Blazer-#NordstromRack
White Light Shirt-#Forever21-$8.99 a steal!
3rd Eye Awake Shoes- #SaraRoseOnOak, by olsenHAUS (love these shoes)

Usually September and October in Chicago is a strange time. You don't know when it will be 90 degrees or super cold all of a sudden. I like to ease into fall wearing simple blazers, jeans, light weight shirts, and flats.

I see a lot of girls already wearing their boots and leggings and I'm like "slow down!" Boots do not need to be worn just yet, summer JUST ended and I'm still going to the pool occasionally. Especially living in Chicago, we have over 6 months to wear socks and boots. Keep the flip flops and flats as long as possible ladies.

I'll be posting my other fall outfits/trends twice each week this month. If you didn't read my previois post, I will be posting every Wedesday and Sunday from now on! Staying consistent because that's what you asked for! 

Xo namaste