Yes, more sweaters from yours truly. It's officially fall and rainy today! But I kind of love it. :)
This fall I am going to make sure I completely relax, plan trips for the spring, read at least 5 new books to review for all of you, and make sure I keep manifesting all of my dreams.

Being a small business owner can get stressful! But I never let anything bother me. I just stay calm on the inside and everything on the outside seems to fall into place.  There could be a hurricane all around you but if you stay calm and present, you'll start to notice that the mess starts to fade away.  The minute I start to worry about how something might go wrong, immediately things start popping up that I don't want in my life! Even if it's just something small. Since I'm more aware now of my manifesting capabilities things start to happen a lot faster than usual. If I think I'm going to have an amazing day, guess what , I do. If I get annoyed by something, the rest of the day seems to get more and more annoying with annoying people and annoying clients. The power of feelings are so strong, they literally make your reality.  I am sure a lot of you are aware of LOA but this is truly powerful stuff. I could go on but I will save it for future posts. For now, please stay positive!

I will be posting more of my looks this month! Instead of saying where I received each outfit, unless it's a sponsored brand, I will just let you email me if you are interested! This way, my photos can be more of an expression of myself and style instead of always trying to sell something! I hope you enjoy them as much as I like making them.

If you want to know make sure to email me directly