We went back to Michigan before summer ends. I haven't been to any beaches this summer besides Saugutuck and we probably won't be back until next year. Getting married in Scotland and having a honeymoon in Morocco was kind of the highlight of our summer but we wanted to have one last little getaway before it ends! 

We got right into the good stuff; tanning and reading. Of course Tim is reading Relentless by Tim S. Grover. To become better and unstoppable as he puts it.  Super dicsciplined and realistic. Unlike me who's reading In The Flow of Life, one of my favorite books by Eric Butterworth. It focuses on taking things lightly, flowing with life, and always expecting the best. I guess you could say we balance each other out. 😍


This picture defines this town. Cute shops and nature ☀️

My sweetheart checking out books in the lovely antique store. I always buy at least one weird esoteric book that looks hundreds of years old.  

Of course we finished it off with a large cup o coffee. Uncommon Grounds. #amazing

Until next year.... I'm ready for fall!!!!
Coming next week... My fall fashion trends.