If you don't know me then you probably have no idea that I am obsessed with books. Not all books though, mostly are on metaphysics, self-help, spiritual, LOA books, even books on extraterrestrials. (Yes if you think we are the only intelligent creatures in this universe, you must be insane!) All of this fascinates me. I feel like there's this on-going energy in me that keeps saying there is something much bigger than us and much greater going on at work. That we are on our way into some insane grand plan of the creator.

But yes anyway, the books I'm going to be reviewing are not necessarily new, some of them have been published a long time ago, like late 80's, sometimes even the 40's. You'd be surprised how many familiar concepts were written a long time ago by some mysterious and smart people. I enjoy reading their theories a lot more than some of the newer authors out there.

The first book review I have is a book by Gregg Braden, he's one my favorite authors. You can tell he truly believes in what he's saying.

                                   Walking Between The Worlds The Science of Compassion

There is a summary in the book that I would love to go over in detail
  1. You are and have always been, intimately connected to all that you see and experience in your world. Researchers have now digitally measured this relationship. Each cell of your body specifically, and all matter in general, attempt to hold a tuning to the reference vibrations of our earth home.  Through your sacred circuit you touch all of creation and it touches you, as the gentle undulations of pulsed resonance. 
  2. Gregg Braden speaks of the Shift of the Ages which a lot of our ancient texts talk about, including the Bible. There have been many other sacred texts speaking of a major shift happening on our planet on a universal scale. This shift of our planet is not only changing the earth physically, but the shift is happening spiritually to humans; our bodies, our psyche, and our spirit. 
  3. As you approach the Shift of the Ages, you are asked to re-tune your body to accommodate the changing parameters of the Shift.  These may be measured as decreasing planetary magnetic and increasing planetary frequency.

Gregg talks about something I have been thinking about for quite some time. He believes that by becoming compassion you can raise into these more fine tuned higher frequencies and can shift  into  a higher consciousness even faster. Higher consciousness doesn't mean  you are like some Buddha or living on a mountain somewhere and have become a master yogi monk. It just means that you have come to know yourself and are content and aren't fear motivated.

There is another amazing fact Gregg mentioned about DNA, which I have been thinking about for some time now. I told my parents that I wanted to check my DNA to make sure I am not some alien life form or something because I can just feel that there's something different going on within me. HA! But lets not get too far off with my sci-fi dilemmas. I do truthfully believe that our DNA is influenced by our thoughts and emotions. So when I read this by G.B. I was like oh my gosh there is proof!!!

  • The first figure of love graphically represented as a relatively short and fast wave of emotion.

  • 2nd figure-Superimposing the field of fear upon our double helix structure, we see that the length of the low frequency waves allow few opportunities for the helix and wave to touch. The very nature of the wave discourages access to the biological structure allowing its expression.  This perspective illustrates the limiting and contracted nature of fear

  • Similarly superimposing the field of love upon the double helix, we see that the shorter the length of high frequency waves allows more opportunities for the helix and wave to intersect. In this instance, the nature of the wave encourages access to the helix.   From this perspective the emotion of love is seen as expansive.
Is our genetic code "fixed" as a set  combination of patterns that originate at birth or are our codes variable, responding to our quality of thought, feeling and emotion? As recent studies suggest, is it possible to shift the codes of our genetic blueprint for life? Is it possible to think, feel and emote combinations of codes that we have believed inaccessible to us in the past?  This is precisely the internal technology that I believe the ancients have attempted to convey to us, as the science of the second path, Gregg Braden states.  (and I do too) 

The moral of the story is that Greg points out in great detail through not only scientific research, ( I mean this stuff is old news to scientists but no one is using these tools in the main stream. Or people are just starting to) that you can change the fate of your life on this planet by changing your DNA. You change your DNA by being compassionate and loving and the only way to get to that point is by facing yourself and getting over most of your fears until you get to a point where those fears don't effect you anymore and you literally become compassion. It's not about going out and doing good deeds. This is about your body transmuting into compassion. You would emanate compassion and people would know it. Your frequency would be "on another LEVEL" :) Literally.

So my review is again, I love Gregg Braden, he's an amazing author. Really made me realize again that DNA has nothing to do with genetics, it has to do with some insane sacred code/blueprint of your fate. What are you going to choose to become? You could walk between both worlds, be in this world but not part of it. I choose to be compassion. 

Until next time, thank you for reading! 

Next book review "The StarSeed Transmissions" by Ken Carey. Stay tuned.