When I first walked into SARAROSE on oak  the feeling that overwhelmed me was "clean, serene, WHITE, heavenly, earth."  I will go into greater detail about her entire boutique in a different post but for now I would love to write about Sararose, the owner of the boutique and her line Stix and Roses. Her entire line which consists of short, mid-length, and long customizable dresses are created out of bamboo. When Sararose first mentioned this to me I was a little confused and thought "ok cool, another eco-friendly fabric or something."  I have been to a few  green, earthy stores that sell organic products. However, these dresses are like nothing I have ever seen, felt, or tried on in my entire life.

I went into the fitting room to start trying on each style and I couldn't believe how amazing the texture was on my skin. These dresses were form fitting, snug, but at the same time so comfortable. I thought I could seriously sleep in them. I walked out of the fitting room to put my heels on; I went straight from comfortable to dramatic, sexy, and heavenly.  I felt and looked like an absolute goddess (pardon my bragging.)   But honestly, these dresses are stunning. SaraRose also surprised me by naming one of them after me. So if you happen to find yourself in her boutique at 67 East Oak Street, on the 5th floor, please ask her where you can find the "Amelia." It is the most comfortable, naturally.

The white gowns are definitely for brides as well as other special occasions. I was contemplating on wearing it to my bachelorette dinner or for the night of my reception, considering the perfect balance of comfort and formality.

If you want to learn more about SARAOSE bamboo wardrobe and why the fabric is literally a miracle, click here!

As for SaraRose, she is an amazing stylist, artist, designer, and friend. You will be hearing a lot more about SaraRose, her products, boutique, and other brands she carries that are just as comfortable and earth friendly. So stay tuned!