I've been married now for almost a month! I'm not sure if some women feel a big difference once they get married but I know that the day we got married, like the actual night, I felt like I had more responsibility for some reason. Like I had to get more serious!

I think that most men feel that way before they get married and that's what makes them wait to pop the question, but it's really true. It feels more serious, but a good serious.  Tim and I are still the same, but deep down we feel like "ok we are doing this thing called life together...forever." The feeling is really good.
Our number one question right now is if we should stay living in this apartment or should we buy a starter home? I absolutely love our apartment even though it could use some work, it's our home and it's cozy to us.  I don't see the point in buying a home just to buy one. I would much rather rent until we find our dream home and then purchase when we are ready to commit. I feel people want to jump in right when they get married to buy a house and have kids but we aren't even sure when and if we want to have kids! So as much as we feel like we should get more serious in the more usual American lifestyle. I much prefer the "DINK" lifestyle which I just learned yesterday from someone at our apartment pool -(totally grown up of me)

Dual Income No Kids---- Plan. Hilarious. Although I do think we will have children one day, it's not on our mind and since a house isn't completely on our minds either, this apartment is fine by me! I have my coffee shops within walking distance, my favorite yoga classes-walking distance, favorite nail salon. Not to mention I work from home so I enjoy having things within walking distance if I feel like I want to get out of the house.
Or maybe I am just making up excuses to just not grow up. I can't help it! Anyway, our new chapter is extremely fun and exciting and having the choice is even more fun. For now we will be apartment renters. It's cozy, it's convenient, and it's US. :)

Until then... let me know what you think about renting after marrying? Thoughts?