When I started browsing through photographers in Scotland for our destination wedding I started to get discouraged. I was beginning to think that I would have to bring my tripod and take photos myself. I found one photographer that I liked and I contacted him. Until I came across this one.
I got so excited looking at her portfolio and website, "Finally a photographer who knows what's up!" It's kind of funny too because in her about me section it says she only works with couples who "get it."  Let me tell you, I definitely get it and she completely got me and Tim as a couple. She never asked us to smile, grin, or anything. The entire shoot was natural and exactly how me and Tim are in person.  We took these photos 2 days after our wedding, 2 hours away from our site in downtown Glasgow Scotland. She took us on a small tour during the shoot and Tim and I couldn't stop talking about how easy it was to work with her and how much we love her!
 (Also, at the end of the shoot we were walking back to our hotel and ran into my dad. She got a shot of his sweet, huge, and happy smile and us hugging. I just love her. :)) The AMAZING
Betty from TUB OF JELLY