I absolutely love this dress. It was flowing and loved all night. Literally every 5 minutes someone came up to me and either said "I am sorry, you look amazing in that dress." or "That dress is absolutely stunning, is the designer here?" YES the designer was there and that is why I was even at this event! I met Prina, a young talented designer at the Hard Rock in Chicago on accident. I went there to network and stumbled on one of her other dresses on a model. I was immediately obsessed with the fabric, textures, and style of her dresses. I asked the same question, "Who is the designer that made this?" and someone pointed at Prina.  Long story short, she is definitely one of my favorite designers in the boutique and you will find more of her work this Spring in store and on-line www.paulmillerdeZigns.com STAY TUNED!!!